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Dear Brian,

thank you for uploading your data to Kaggle. It's really great that 
researchers are sharing their datasets. Kaggle is a nice platform, since 
you can quickly open a kernel and take a look at the data.

For bigger datasets, such as the raw EEG, one option is physionet.org
Also, there is currently a movement underway to standardize the 
file/folder structure when sharing neuro datasets: BIDS. Here is for 
example the BIDS-EEG proposal:

Personally, I don't care that much where and how people share their 
data, as long as it is out there :) Thanks for doing it!


On 2017-11-16 01:41, Brian Roach wrote:
> Hi All,
> We are trying a small scale EEG data sharing experiment by posting one
> of our schizophrenia ERP study data sets on kaggle:
> https://www.kaggle.com/broach/button-tone-sz
> The idea is in part to see what novel analysis approaches users might
> post online (both patient vs control and task condition classification
> might be of interest), and part to make analyses transparent (which
> hopefully makes them easier to reproduce!).  I know there are EEG
> specific platforms for sharing, but this is on a small scale (<=500MB
> could be shared on kaggle when I posted this, but they just upgraded
> that to 10GB).  The kaggle platform also supports MNE python in jupyter
> notebooks, so it may be of general interest to this group.  I'm
> interested in any feedback you might have about this kind of approach
> relative to other data sharing options for this type of data.
> thanks,
> Brian
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