[Mne_analysis] Too Many Neighbors Head Model Error

Rockhill, Alexander P. AROCKHILL at mgh.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 23 10:37:52 EDT 2018
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Hi all,

    I am getting this error copied below. Since I am just using the head model for coregistration, it is not essential it not have any imperfections. So is there a way preferably to get the error not to occur or if not bypass the error?

[karima:New_ARC] (nmr-stable60-env) mne_surf2bem --surf $karima3/New_ARC/$SUBJECT/surf/lh.seghead --id 4 --fif $SUBJECT-head.fif

mne_surf2bem version 1.8 compiled at Apr 26 2016 04:21:49

input  file #   1 : /autofs/space/karima_003/users/New_ARC/hc007/surf/lh.seghead / id = 4 / sigma N/A
output file       : hc007-head.fif

New quad file : nvert = 202644 nquad = 203745
    Triangle and vertex normals and neighboring triangles...[done]
    Vertex neighbors...Too many neighbors for vertex 91780.



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