[Mne_analysis] Data structures for comments? (Events? Annotations?)

Alexandre Gramfort alexandre.gramfort at inria.fr
Sun Mar 25 16:40:07 EDT 2018
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> We have prepared an MNE Raw dataset from scratch, and it contains EEG and
> EOG data. We also have manual (written and survey) feedback from
> participants as they recorded the EEG/EOG, and I'm not quite sure if we
> should store this manual feedback as Events, Annotations,

in MNE, events have no duration. it's an integer to condition mapping
that maps to a trigger channel.

Annotations were introduced later and each entry consists of 3 infos:
onset, duration and description.

You have 2 big differences:
- onset is in seconds in absolution time (no need to change if your
resample the data)
- duration is in second
- description can be any string.

to define epochs you need onsets so no duration is used so it works with events.


> a Raw object event
> channel, or something else. We would of course like to be able to compare
> the EEG/EOG against the manual feedback.
> Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've included some manual feedback
> data samples below, in case that helps.
> Thanks,
> Arlene
> ----
> For the surveys, participants recorded their perceived level of attention,
> stress, engagement, relaxation, and activity type. The data looks like this
> (as you can see, it has multiple timestamps):
> 13:46:18,2018-02-08 {stress:5, comments:"", attention:6,
> timestamp:1504791858.073317, engagement:5, relaxation:5, activity_type:walk}
> Here is what the data looks like with a written comment:
> 19:24:50,2018-01-15 {stress: 5, comments:"I'm sleepy and need some
> caffeine", attention:6, timestamp: 1505073050.459007, engagement: 5,
> relaxation: 6, activity_type:bike}
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