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Ben Ighoyota Ajenaghughrure ighoyota at tlu.ee
Wed Feb 27 13:18:04 EST 2019
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Hello All,

I am having a problem extracting "compute_energy_freq_bands" features from
myEEG data.

When i use the python mne function "compute_energy_freq_bands"  , the
resulting feature extracted per channel is more than expected,  for example
if i want to extract the energy frequency band for 4.5 to7hz, having
recorded with 8channel electrode, i get for each channel, say  CZ as
channel 1 in my eeg data, will become
This is the same set I get for all other channels. I do not need all these,
i only need

I have gone through the python mne website and try to understand the
parameters, but I still have a problem, is a there a way to get around this
problem? especially restricting the feature outcome to a single channel and
not splitting them into several bands per channel?

Here is my example code.
selected_funcs1 = {'pow_freq_bands'}
X_new1 = extract_features(data, raw.info['sfreq'],
selected_funcs=selected_funcs1, return_as_df=True)

A. Ighoyota ben
Junior Researcher HCI (PhD in-view)
Tallinn University, Estonia
School of digital Technologies.
mobile:+372582 <+372%205832%206393>78794
skype: ighoyota-ben

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