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Wed May 15 09:59:09 EDT 2019
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I'm encountering some problems using MNE on a Martinos computer, and I also
have some questions about how to install/upgrade programs on Martinos
computers in general and how to manage space used by my account. I wasn't
sure if I should ask the Martinos IT help desk or the MNE help forum, so I
have included both in this email; sorry for any unintentional spam.

*1. MNE issues*
I am trying to use the stable MNE version on the Martinos cluster. However,
I get this error
when I try to set up the environment and import MNE. How can I troubleshoot

Previously I used "pip install --upgrade --user" to install/upgrade the
development version of MNE in my own folder. It worked at first but failed
after I upgraded to pip 10. This workaround for pip 10 used to work:
       from pip._internal import main as pipmain
But it no longer works.

My version of MNE in my user folder has now stopped working. I'm not sure
why, but I think I did delete my ".PyCharmCE2017.2" folder and several
other hidden folders just before it stopped working because my account was
out of space, so I'm wondering if this could have been the cause? Both
Pycharm and ipython are not able to import MNE anymore.

*2. Installing/updating programs on Martinos computers and managing space*
In general, what's the best way to install/update MNE and other programs on
the Martinos computers, given that write access is restricted and there is
limited scratch space on the computers?

Also, what's the best way to clear up space when my user quota is nearly
reached? So far I have been doing:

   - cd && du –skh .??* * | sort --human-numeric-sort
      - to figure out which folders are using a lot of space. Usually it's
      the hidden folders ".<foldername>".
   - rm –rf <foldername>
      - To remove the large folders.

I'm not sure if this is a good way to clear space? Would this cause
packages to break if I use it to delete the .PyCharm folders? I had assumed
these folders were just cached files that could be cleared.

Thanks and Best Regards,
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