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Kambiz Tavabi ktavabi at uw.edu
Tue Sep 3 13:49:19 EDT 2019
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Hi all,
I'd like to carry out single-trial regression using linear_regression python function to evaluate effect of continuous variable on ERFs. The following gist yields the desired output for a single subject:

n_obs = len(epochs)
intercept = np.ones((n_obs, 1))
# Design matrix for continuous covariate
regressor = np.linspace(8, 66, n_obs)
dmat = np.concatenate((regressor[:, np.newaxis], intercept), axis=1)
# regression between ERF & covariate
res = linear_regression(epochs, design_matrix=dmat, names=names)
But it's not clear to me what to do with the resulting mne.Evoked objects containing beta values, to describe the regression results across a group of subjects. E.g. does it make sense to average the evoked (beta) objects across the group? and if so how do I derive the t-values? Thanks in advance.

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