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thierry nieus thierry.nieus at unimi.it
Fri Sep 6 06:57:47 EDT 2019
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Dear all,

I am still stuck with the correspondence of the source space with
I have a much better understanding on how functions&data are organized
after Mina Jamshidi's feedback on that but I am still missing something.
I thought that sources were organized the same way as the parcellation
(source 1 corresponds to vertices 1 in the parcellation etc...). So, for a
given source space (e.g. ico 4, 2562 sources per hemisphere) I would expect
to find the vertices 0...2561 in the parcellation. Although there is a good
correspondence between source, parcellation and lobes I cannot locate all
my sources in the parcellation.

For instance, if I run the following:

import numpy as np
import mne
for lab in label: vertices=np.hstack((vertices,lab.vertices))

I expected to get 2561 instead of 2792 so there is something about my
belief that is wrong.

Does someone can help me to sort this out?

Thanks in advance


Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences "Luigi Sacco"
University of Milan
Phone: +39 02 503 19731
via G. B. Grassi 74 - 20157 Milano

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