[Mne_analysis] mne.Epochs: response events disappear when locking on stimulus events

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Hi Alex, 
Thanks for the help. I tried passing the stim channel using: 
epochs = mne.Epochs(raw_EEG_av_ref_filt, raw_events, event_stim_dict, tmin=-0.2, tmax=1.8, 
baseline=(-.2, 0), preload=True, picks = ['eeg','eog','stim']) 
However, epochs.events still only contains locking events (removing response triggers) 
Am I doing something wrong? 

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Dear Mat, 
to keep the stim channel in the Epochs you need to pass the picks 
parameter making sure it contains the stim channel in the list. 

To repochs it's no so easy right now. You would need to start 
from raw again. Or you can make it work using EpochsArraw 
dealing with numpy directly. 

Given how many times this question as been asked I feel we need 
an example on the MNE website for this usecase. We would 
need first a good public dataset to demo this. 


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Hi Community, 
I would like to segment my EEG data into epochs of -300 to 1900 ms relative to stimulus onset, and keep response triggers in these epochs. 
I then computed: 
epochs = mne.Epochs(raw_EEG_av_ref_filt, raw_events, events_stim, tmin=-0.3, tmax=1.9, 
baseline=(-.3, 0), preload=True) 
However, the epoched data only contain stimulus events (events_stim), and response events have been dropped. Is there a way to keep response events? In addition, is it possible to epoch again my 'epochs' object (say I want to lock the signal -100 to +100 ms relative to the response)? 

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