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S.P.H. Speer speer at rsm.nl
Fri Jun 5 07:04:34 EDT 2020
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Dear MNE-team,

I've been preprocessing my EEG data using standard preprocessing steps such as highpass filtering (1Hz), line noise removal, downsampling, removing noisy channels, and ICA and downsampling using MNE. When I then epoch my data it drops the majority of the epochs (40 out of 70 with a sampling frequency of 250 and 60 out of 70 with a sampling frequency of 100). The drop_log indicates that all of the epochs were dropped because they were too short.  I've seen a previous post in the mailing list where the tmin and tmax where specified incorrectly but I did specify tmin and tmax in seconds. And changing the length of the epochs even if changed to 10 seconds does not change the number of epochs dropped. So I'm suspecting there might be an error? Do you have some insights what the cause of this might be?

Thanks for your help,


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