[Mne_analysis] Could not load any valid 3D backend (Mayavi or PyVista) while using MNE-Python

Kadwani, Manorama MKADWANI at mgh.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 9 09:51:21 EDT 2020
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You were right. There is an install problem as both of them were not found in the results of mne.sys_info():

Qt WebEngine seems to be initialized from a plugin. Please set Qt::AA_ShareOpenGLContexts using QCoreApplication::setAttribute before constructing QGuiApplication.
Platform:      Linux-5.3.0-53-generic-x86_64-with-debian-buster-sid
Python:        3.7.6 (default, Jan  8 2020, 19:59:22)  [GCC 7.3.0]
Executable:    /home/manoramak/anaconda3/bin/python
CPU:           x86_64: 20 cores
Memory:        62.5 GB

mne:           0.20.0
numpy:         1.18.1 {blas=mkl_rt, lapack=mkl_rt}
scipy:         1.4.1
matplotlib:    3.1.3 {backend=Qt5Agg}

sklearn:       0.22.1
numba:         0.48.0
nibabel:       3.1.0
cupy:          Not found
pandas:        1.0.1
dipy:          Not found
mayavi:        Not found
pyvista:       Not found
vtk:           Not found

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can you report what


prints on your machine?

you must have an install problem of mayavi and pyvista

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