[Mne_analysis] BEM mesh error while downsampling vertices

Kadwani, Manorama MKADWANI at mgh.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 30 18:16:59 EDT 2020
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I got a runtime error while making a BEM model (using mne.make_bem_model) that :
"Surface inner skull has topological defects: 12 / 20484 vertices have fewer than three neighboring triangles [733, 1014, 2068, 7732, 8435, 8489, 10181, 11120, 11121, 11122, 11304, 11788]"

As mentioned in this link- https://github.com/mne-tools/mne-python/issues/6127 I tried to visualize the inner skull surface but didn't know how to find those vertices. I have attached an image of the inner skull surface. I could see some small triangles at places I wouldn't expect them. So I tried to smoothen out any irregularities in Freeview using the smoothing tool. That didn't help. I still got the runtime error but with different vertices:
"RuntimeError: Surface inner skull has topological defects: 12 / 20479 vertices have fewer than three neighboring triangles [733, 1014, 2068, 7730, 8433, 8487, 10179, 11118, 11119, 11120, 11302, 11786]"

Any idea on how to view and edit these vertices?

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