[Mne_analysis] Question about eeg raw files combination

Andrade Rey René rene.andrade at edu.uah.es
Sat Feb 13 08:55:24 EST 2021
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Dear MNE experts:

Is there any possibility to mix different raw files with different electrodes into one file of the combination of all the electrodes? Let’s say for simplicity we have 4 sensors,  2 electrodes common (T3 T4) to all input raw files(5) and 2 other electrodes measuring different positions of the brain Fp1, Fp2, F3, F4, C3, C4, P3, P4, O1, O2 (from system 10-20). That is we would have 5 files with 4 sensors to convert into one with 12 sensors where the difference would be the raw information coming from 2 electrodes with this positions (Fp1, Fp2, F3, F4, C3, C4, P3, P4, O1, O2) assuming the information recorded at different times but with the same stimulus in every measurement.  

Thanks for your help in advance. 

Rene Andrade. 

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