[Mne_analysis] Label and/or dSPM to MR mask

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Thu Jul 1 15:51:08 EDT 2010
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My question concerns converting a label and/or dSPM distribution into an MRI overlay. If I understand the MNE (v2.7) manual correctly I need to use mne_volume_source_space to create the interpolation matrix that maps distribution values between a volume grid and the MR. This grid is the input --src for mne_volume_data2mri. I assume the outputs from mkheadsurf and mne_surf2bem are the valid --surf and --bem inputs, respectively, to mne_volume_source_space, correct? What values do I give for --grid?
Is it possible, and sensible to output the coordinates of vertices defining a label to a text file and use this with the --pos tag of mne_volume_source_space? Would this create a volumetric source space corresponding to a label?
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