[Mne_analysis] mne_analyse error: libquicktime.so. mne_setup_sh run

Peter Goodin pgoodin at swin.edu.au
Tue Dec 3 05:29:31 EST 2013
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Hi all, 

Thanks so very much for all your help. Unfortunately the answer was due to error on my part.

>From Alex's response of . $MNE_ROOT/bin/mne_setup_sh, I didn't include a space between the . and the variable name...

Thanks once again for all the suggestions and I look forward to using this software. 

Peter Goodin,
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Subject: Re: [Mne_analysis] mne_analyse error: libquicktime.so. mne_setup_sh run

hi Peter,

do you confirm that you have libquicktime.so in your MNE/lib folder?

here is what I get on my box after configuring MNE:

$ cd $MNE_ROOT
$ ls lib
libgfortran.so.1  libquicktime.so  lqt_mjpeg.so

what do you see when running

ls lib


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