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Hi Dirk,

Looks like you’re installing those packages directly into the ‘root’ environment under Anaconda. In general, it’s highly recommended that you create environments for specific needs. In your case, you could try

conda create -n mne python=2 pip

for bare python 2. Then activate the environment (Win: activate mne; linux/osx: source activate mne), and re-run the conda install and pip lines you posted. The problem you are facing is related to mayavi and thereby PySurfer depending on an old version of Qt.

Alternatively, you could try your luck with the environment definition file shipped with mne-python:

conda env create -f environment.yml

from https://github.com/mne-tools/mne-python/blob/master/environment.yml which works for me (OS X). Consider this ‘experimental’, though (installs python 3).

Read more about conda environments here: https://conda.io/docs/user-guide/tasks/manage-environments.html


On 31 Oct 2017, at 11.18, Dirk van Moorselaar <dirkvanmoorselaar at gmail.com<mailto:dirkvanmoorselaar at gmail.com>> wrote:


Yesterday I mailed that I had troubles using raw.plot (Subject: problem scrolling trough data using raw.plot). I realised that this might have had something todo with the way I installed mne. To install mne I followed the instructions on the website. I installed anaconda and then tried to execute the following lines.

$ conda install scipy matplotlib scikit-learn mayavi jupyter spyder
$ pip install PySurfer mne

However, installing mayavi resulted in the following error:

Fetching package metadata .............
Solving package specifications: .

UnsatisfiableError: The following specifications were found to be in conflict:
  - mayavi
  - navigator-updater
  - pywavelets

To circumvent this error I installed mne without installing Pysurfer and mne. I was wondering whether this could explain the problem I encountered with raw.plot.


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