[Mne_analysis] maxfilter for head movement compensation only

Evgenii Kalenkovich e.kalenkovich at gmail.com
Tue May 7 10:16:59 EDT 2019
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> Let me make sure I understand correctly what you are proposing:
>>    1. Run `maxwell_filter` without setting bad channels.
>>    2. Run `autoreject` on the results of step 1 and identify bad
>>    channels.
>>    3. Run `maxwell_filter` again supplying the list of channels
>>    identified in step 2.
>> Does that make sense?
> Umm ... sure you could try that but I suspect it may not work. I was
> actually proposing to use SSP
> <https://mne-tools.github.io/dev/auto_tutorials/preprocessing/plot_artifacts_correction_ssp.html>
> for step 1. It's an alternative to SSS but in this situation, I think you
> can use it here to complement SSS.

Thank you for the clarification! I did not notice "P" in "SSP" in your
initial reply. I'll try applying both the pre-calculated projectors alone
and complemented with the ECG-EOG-based ones.

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