[Mne_analysis] Temporal Resolution in Time-Frequency Analysis

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The advantage to the Hilbert transform is that it more or less preserves
the original temporal resolution but completely loses any frequency
resolution (hence the need to filter beforehand, which does in a certain
sense impact temporal resolution).

Regarding your second question, a quick search yields a number of results:


but especially




On 01/10/2019 23:07, Maryam Zolfaghar wrote:
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> Hi all, 
> I am analyzing my EEG signals through time-frequency methods and
> interested in the pre-stimulus alpha and theta band activity. The time
> resolution is important for my analysis. I have two very basic questions:
>             1.  I am wondering if there is any way to calculate the
> temporal precision/resolution after applying the Hilbert transform to
> get the power? 
>             2. Also, is there any function similar to *eegfilt* in
> Matlab in MNE? 
> Thank you, 
> -Mary
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