[Mne_analysis] Tune in this Thursday for a status update on MNE-Python

Marijn van Vliet w.m.vanvliet at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 09:18:47 EDT 2020
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Dear all,

This Thursday, I will be giving a status update on the MNE-Python 
project. It is one of the talks being presented in the OHBM2020 Open 
Science Room (OSR). Participation in this part of the virtual conference 
is free, and with so many other interesting talks, you should go and 
check it out!


The status update talk will be broadcast at three different times 
tailored to different time zones:

Asia and Pacific:  03:50 UTC to 04:40 UTC
Europe, Middle East and Africa:  10:50 UTC to 11:40 UTC
Americas:  19:50 UTC to 20:40 UTC

During the talk, I will give a brief overview of what MNE-Python is all 
about, what we've been adding this year and a big warm welcome to 
everybody to start getting involved in the project.


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