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Richard Höchenberger richard.hoechenberger at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 03:28:13 EST 2021
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        External Email - Use Caution        

Hello all,

we're very pleased to announce the public launch of our shiny new MNE forum!

👉 https://secure-web.cisco.com/198bLayrWEOB-NkEghUT0aDr6JNi5YEaZ8AZXhZaV3xdceDaupb18yy1uhRcaTaA84unni4dcAVxuU1_2nql345AzzqkY6o5kuL8SIZ3a494x25AwArdT-XgWOkB6jKa65FaEmDD70gzJ6n-zTCc3dWL3JAZtT2w4StNN2itS6S2VZ7TjK5qu6eo0lomjO9-l3M-MvR2cd6jOqHi2zyrrtFpyyi-iQinu9dPD_cKAw1zSenAUvC6ZKI65UHNlQkWJ88MMDPTb8MROmMFlhGGKwg/https%3A%2F%2Fmne.discourse.group

tl;dr: New modern place for communication; runs in the browser, but
can also be used like a mailing list; the mne_analysis mailing will
remain active.

The forum is intended to be a place for the MNE-Python community to
exchange knowledge, help each other, discuss all things MNE, and
create a searchable archive of all postings. We're using the forum
software Discourse, which provides a modern, easy-to-use interface on
computers and mobile phones. We hope the improved accessibility and
more modern feel will help engage more users.

For those who prefer to use email – do not despair! Simply follow this
guide to enable mailing list mode, and you'll receive all postings via

👉 https://secure-web.cisco.com/10uRhXWzC1Y1ISvUyI_nYtDkBZx8TETuPa3jbGSdTg1v112Iw4_hwRrQ5W1J2WdvbleNg4h2dXPfdaLmOhXt7ewoMpQUXAGSWPn_odQHkV2A6rGYK5PnlwhTw7sjqgK-aqjUQtEWLpGIMVN567lge3xTKTPE0lMSW42ufmgR1ZRM5gp7sAvdHBRtjx-1WZfVc6Cm1ryG-4gZt5zp5zc5GLPtiS6h5gDM2NfmvEkAV3Bi_0Xo4V8TXKMAxBQdETIBtLlfA3DmuHr-R74hfnwJcrA/https%3A%2F%2Fmne.discourse.group%2Ft%2Fhow-to-receive-copies-of-all-posts-via-email-mailing-list-mode%2F

We have managed to import the entire mailing list archive until
December 20, 2020; so searching the forum will also bring up your
valuable solutions from the past.

We'd like to encourage all users to try out the forum and share their
ideas for improvements so we can try to make it an even better place
for our community – together!

This mailing list will remain active, although we expect that the
posting frequency will decrease over time, as the forum becomes more
widely known and used.

Best wishes,

on behalf of the MNE-Python team

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